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Beels Consulting AB developed ”The Investment Readiness Process by Beels” in 2018 with the aim of helping founders to be better prepared for a more equal dialogue with investors. The founder of Beels and IRP Certified Instructor Björn Larsson has conducted an IRP with over 50 companies. ”The Investment Readiness Process by Beels” is a copyright-protected method based on theories and practice in combination with systematised and in-depth reflection regarding funding processes and exit negotiations for a number of startups. The aim is to provide knowledge and methodology to founders intending to finance their company’s development through share issues to external investors.

Price levels

From € 6.000
From € 6.000

IRP for single company

Max participants: 5
Weeks: 5
Instructors: 1
One company with 1-5 founders

Björn Larsson

Beels Consulting was founded by Björn Larsson in 2010. Björn has worked in smaller consulting and startup companies since the 1990s and has been the CEO of Create Business Incubator, co-founder and CEO of Zoomability AB and co-founder and Chairman of Västerås Tech Invest AB. Björn has conducted IRP with more than 80 companies.
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