IRP for Founders

The Investment Readiness Process

The IRP prepares your company for raising external venture capital. It is an effective and structured process carried out with the company’s founders under the guidance of a Certified IRP Instructor. The process includes five two-hour meetings and 8 tasks and takes place over a 5-10 week period and the end result is the IRP Report which you can share online to attract early stage investors.

What is the aim of IRP?
What is the aim of IRP?

How it works

In between the meetings, the founders work on the eight tasks included in the process. The IRP instructor leads the meetings, documents the discussions and provides feedback regarding the founders’ input. Video lectures are included, and instructions for the tasks are provided in the IRP tool, a cloud-based tool in which the meetings are documented by the instructor and the tasks are performed by the founders.

What do Founders gain?

The result

The result of The Investment Readiness Process is that the founders are well prepared for a capital acquisition process and have a well-considered and agreed investment offer with value-driving factors, strategic activity plan, milestones, financial forecast, exit strategy, valuation model and investment design, including total capital requirement, pre-money valuations, dilution effect for the founders and potential return for the investors. After an IRP, the founder team has a well-considered and agreed investment offer and everything is summoned in the company’s IRP Report. 

The IRP Report includes:

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