BizMaker is a platform for innovation and business development in Västernorrland. We work to unleash the power of entrepreneurs and innovators so that companies and organizations can reach their full development potential. We exist to give good ideas the opportunity to develop into new business and sustainable solutions for the future.

Price levels

From € 4.900
From € 4.900

IRP for single company

Max participants: 4
Weeks: 10
Instructors: 1
Price: 100% sponsered for incubated companies
Erica Markusson

Erica Markusson

Erica Markusson is a business lawyer specializing in international taxation, capital issues and litigation. In her present role as a business advisor in financing at BizMaker she has a responsibility for the value development of the startups in the incubator program. Erica is a network builder with a talent for dealing with bureaucracy and government relations and has a extensive experience of board work and project management through non-profit assignments.
april 2023
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