Blekinge Business Incubator

Blekinge, Sweden
Blekinge Business Incubator (BBI) is one of Sweden’s leading incubators and has since 2005 worked to support and help startups with growth ambitions. BBI is the regional incubator that brings together entrepreneurs, networks, expertise and capital and provides a strategic platform for entrepreneurs and teams who want to develop ideas into sustainable successful growth companies.

Price levels

From € 4.900
From € 4.900

IRP for Founders

Max participants: 4
Weeks: 5
Instructors: 1
Price: 100% sponsored by our program

Peter Thorman

Management expert with over 40 years of experience from micro to macro. Peter has worked in small startups, as well as international giants, from local to international and from shop floor to board rooms. He has held positions as board member, CEO, COO as well as business management and project management roles. Main background from IT/telecom and consultancy industries.
mars 2023
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