Connect Öst

Stockholm, Sweden
Connect is a private non-profit initiative that helps startups and scaleups become successful by matching them with skills, contacts and capital from the business community. Thanks to our large network, we have unique opportunities to help entrepreneurs with growth capital. We put the entrepreneur in focus and tailor our help to make them become successful. Through the Connect model we also create concrete business value for both partners and the larger network.

Price levels

From € 1.500* (8-10 weeks)
From € 1.500* (8-10 weeks)

Språngbrädan: IRP in Group (4-5 companies)

Max participants: 5
Weeks: 8
Instructors: 5
Price: * € 1.500 + 2% success fee max 10.000 EUR
From € 3.000* (4-5 weeks)
From € 3.000* (4-5 weeks)

Tillväxtkapital: IRP for Single Company

Max participants: 1
Weeks: 4
Instructors: 2
Price: *€ 3.000 + 2 % success fee
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