Västmanland & Sörmland
Creates is an incubator for startups in Västmanland and Sörmland. We offer business development, coachning and expert support to accelerate growth in the companies. Our startups makes the world a better place. We make them better companies.

Price levels

From € 200/month
From € 200/month

IRP for Founders

Max participants: 4
Weeks: 5
Instructors: 1
Price: The cost for incubation is € 200 / month (and includes the IRP)
An Investment Readiness Process Certified Instructor

Ulrik Rydén

I started as an engineer, got into politics, ventured into communication and has since moved into business development of startups. I never liked a helicopter perspective, therefore I choose to submerge. Combined with my background, this has created a deep understanding of such disparate sectors as industry, energy, public sector, instillation, and the digital revolution.
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