eHealth Arena

eHealth Arena is a commitment to create a common e-health arena for businesses, health and social care, academia, and the public. Together, we contribute to an increased use of e-health services, business growth in the e-health sector and increased efficiency in health and social care.

Price levels

From € 4.900
From € 4.900

IRP for single company

Max participants: 3
Weeks: 5
Instructors: 1
Price: 100% sponsored for companies approved by the eHealth Arena program
An Investment Readiness Process Certified Instructor

Björn Larsson

Björn has worked in smaller consulting and startup companies since the 1990s and has been the CEO of Create Business Incubator, co-founder and CEO of Zoomability AB, co-founder of Westras, co-founder and Chairman of Västerås Tech Invest AB. Björn is the creator of The Investment Readiness Process and he has conducted IRP with more than 50 companies.
december 2018
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