Kista Science City

Kista, Sweden
Kista Science City offers opportunities for unique collaborations between business, the public sector, and academia. We’re a community, meeting place, and testbed for new ideas and products, working together for the next generation of purposeful tech and business.

Price levels

From € 4.900
From € 4.900

IRP for Scaleups

Max participants: 4
Weeks: 5
Instructors: 1
Price: 100% sponsored by our scaleup program
An Investment Readiness Process Certified Founder

Tomas Hjort

Tomas Hjort is a Startup business coach and advisor with +25 years of experience in introducing new technologies, new products and new companies to new markets. Tomas has managed, and founded, deep tech Startups and innovative companies, as CEO, business developer and board member. He has extensive experience of working with VC backed initiatives and the capital raising process.
maj 2023
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