Linköping, Sweden
LEAD is a business incubator that has supported hundreds of promising startups in Östergötland. We are an independent party, which focuses on accelerating the development of the company journey and which always acts based on what is best for each startup. We offer idea carriers and entrepreneurs a wide range of targeted resources and services to help them achieve faster and more secure growth.

Price levels

From €4.900
From €4.900

IRP for Founders

Max participants: 5
Weeks: 10
Instructors: 1
Price: The price for the IRP is included in the LEAD incubation program
An Investment Readiness Process Certified Instructor

Anders Ferntoft

Anders has many years of experience as CEO, marketing and business developer and as a business coach for owner-managed companies with growth ambitions. In terms of industry, he has his focus in the ICT sector and adds specialist expertise in market development, production of software solutions and financing. Anders is also involved as a board member of the listed company XMReality AB, chairman of the board of Sportality AB and as a business coach in small, owner-managed tech companies with growth ambitions outside LEAD.
augusti 2021
An Investment Readiness Process Certified Instructor

David Wallsten

David has many years of experience from leading positions in Swedish and American software companies. At LEAD, he coaches the member companies in business development, internationalization, sales management and financing. David is also active as an angel investor in Swedish and foreign tech companies.
augusti 2021

Anders Sageborn

Anders Sageborn has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship. For the past 6 years he has worked in the world of Incubators, including projects as Swedich Scaleup, he is well versed in issues such as Internationalization, sustainability, organization and raising capital. Today Anders works as consultant to several scaleup companies and has a significant network of contacts in the area.
mars 2019
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