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The road to entrepreneurial success is never straight. There are often highs, lows and bumps along the way. At Uminova Innovation we can help your business idea and your company move forward as fast as possible. We are constantly on the lookout for people with new business ideas and companies that can make a positive impact on markets, people and the world. We welcome new startups to our incubator all year round and to our Startup program. We adapt our business support and services to you or your team, wherever you are on your startup journey.

Price levels

From € 4.900
From € 4.900

IRP for Founders

Max participants: 5
Weeks: 5
Instructors: 1
Price: € 4.900, included for a selection of the companies in our incubation program"
Uminova Innovation, Linus Stark

Linus Stark

Linus Stark has many years of experience in helping startups with financing issues. In his current role at Uminova Innovation, his task is to make the incubator's startups ready to raise capital. In addition, he maintains and expands Uminova's broad investor network that consist of nearly 100 investors. Linus has a master in business administration and has for more than 15 years worked with business development with a focus on financing and marketing.
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