April 2023
”Rento Innovations were lucky to join the IRP process with the help of Turku Business Region organization. IRP is very well designed and steered process which gave us huge amount of learnings regarding the ”world of investments”. We thought that we already knew something about these topics, but soon we realized there was so much more to learn. It was great to create practical estimations during the process which will help us in future. Our IRP Instructor, Björn Larsson guided us through the process and he did it really well. Björn’s knowledge in this area is really wide and he can make it into an easy-understand-package. Big thanks to Björn and Turku Business Region team!”
Vesa Nohteri
Rento are developing a food traceability software called Boxhunt. It makes it easier for food producers to find information about the production process. Boxhunt makes the information more visible which makes it more efficient and saves time and money. Rento Innovations made their IRP as part of a program with Turku Business Region.
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