Story Blanket

March 2022
”IRP was eye-opener for us! It wasn’t just about investment. Before the process we imagined that we knew what we wanted to do. But until everything turned to numbers and graphs, we could not get a clear idea of the amount of work that needed to be done to become a successful business and how much investment was needed to do it. It paved the way for us for the next five years! In my opinion, IRP meetings are not only a great opportunity for any startup, but also a necessity. Our startup is Story Blanket. It’s a fundraising platform for good causes based on content. On this platform, Creators and artists can offer their content, artworks and NTFs as an instant reward to the donors of a fundraising campaign.”
Amirhossein Arabzadeh and Salar Mahdavi
Story Blanket is a Finnish tech startup. They did their Investment Readiness Process by Beels® as part of the Northbound Startup program by Turku Science Park and Tehnopol in Estonia.
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