The Investment Readiness Process by Beels®

IRP really accelerated our learning about the investment process and gave support in tailoring our own pitch, all the way from goals and milestones to financial design. The experienced instructor guided the process effectively through theory, practice and workshop discussions that challenged and improved our plan. After completing the IRP we are definitely more aligned within the company and bette...
Torgny Näsholm
The reason why we chose to use the Investment Readiness Process by Beels® was that founders when they meet with investors, need to build credibility. You need to be able to explain what their money will be used for and what kind of value that will add to the company. Our IRP instructors and I have the same experience regarding the Investment Readiness Process. It’s useful, it’s structured and ...
Stefan Sonnerstedt
Connect - a partner to The Investment Readiness Process by Beels®
IRP was an effective and well devised process which gave us the knowledge and confidence required for our capital injection. We came out of the process with a clear road map on how we will develop the company and learned the value that we can create for present and future shareholders of Cellfion
Liam Hardey
The participation in this project was very valuable for us, thank you for the opportunity provided!
Anton Taraskin
Lawato OY
I highly recommend to take the Investment Readiness Process at least once in your life, then you can always go back and repeat what you have learned.
Sajib Saha
CEO & co-founder,
Expli Oy
Gimic has completed IRP, and the process gave us a large amount of knowledge about how investors think and the information and documentation we need.
Marcus Nilsson
Gimic AB
If a founder or a founder team is considering going the Investment Readiness Process or not, My best tip , from one founder to another. Do it. Don’t even think about it. Just make sure that you do this. / Siavoush Mohammadi, founder of Eikolytics AB.
Siavoush Mohammadi
CEO and Founder,
With the Investment Readiness Process we ended up with a very professional presentation. The presentation was clear and not complicated. It was understandable. That was quite some steps forward for us.
Tom Austad
CEO and Founder,
Oculaudio AS
The IRP gave ProPractize a lot of insights in what an investor needs to know in order to make an investment. The process also helped us decide what road we want to take ahead, strategically. ProPractize is now moving forward with a new share issue to be completed this year (2022).
Anton Moström
ProPractize AB
I highly recommend the Investment Readiness Process because in the process you are really held by the IRP instructor and you really come out of it with a great amount of information that is critical for you fundraise.
Tristan Elisabeth Gribbin
CEO and Founder,
Flow Meditation for modern life
IRP gave me the opportunity to make Knowing's first financing offer trustworthy and well-founded.
Klas Ehnemark
Knowing Company
The knowledge of the IRP gave us confidence, we dared to be more demanding when we did our equity round and gave us an idea to do reverse due diligence - we vetted our investors with very successful results.
Maria Bauer och Axel Fors
Great tool to summarize your business idea and capital needs in a short and efficient way. It helps to structure and prepare materials for investors and to explain the company journey. Very useful to make investor offers in a right and attractive way . We highly recommend new companies to go through the IRP process.
Elena Petukhovskaya & Hugo Wikström
Co-Founders of Big Akwa,
Big Akwa
It is easy to get carried away in either selling the company or getting money into the company and then you are in the hands of the investors. So the Investment Readiness Process really prepares the entrepreneur for this process and make them able to control and be part of the process. Not only just coming along. Some time after the IRP I decided to sell my company and did so successfully.
Christian Strömblad
Joliv AB
Upon finishing the IRP we feel well prepared for upcoming investment rounds. Many valuable inputs have been given to us and having the knowledge of how investors think, what questions they might ask, and how to respond to them in a professional way has been crucial at this stage. We're very thankful for this opportunity and look forward to taking Repeak, a digital health platform, to the next leve...
Amar Kadic
The Investment Readiness Process was an intense development program where you learned a lot in a short time. After doing the IRP we have a greater sense of security in the journey ahead regarding raising capital thanks to a better overview of our capital need and what is required to get where we want.
Marcus Eng
CEO & Founder,
Anatomia Tech
The IRP process with Björn had a massive impact on SeaPattern, extending beyond strategic thinking. It brought together the entire company to think like an investor, meticulously evaluating every single angle, from company valuation and pitch preparation to successfully navigating through seed rounds. This transformative approach infused a new level of strategic foresight and diligence throughout ...
Niklas Boman
CEO & Founder,
IRP was eye-opener for us! It wasn't just about investment. Before the process we imagined that we knew what we wanted to do. But until everything turned to numbers and graphs, we could not get a clear idea of the amount of work that needed to be done to become a successful business and how much investment was needed to do it. It paved the way for us for the next five years! In my opinion, IRP mee...
Amirhossein Arabzadeh and Salar Mahdavi
Story Blanket
IRP gave us an understanding of how investors think and calculate. A very complete tool for valuing companies. Our IRP Instructor, Björn Larsson, is very experienced and you learn a lot along the way. Can highly recommend. In addition, it gives investors an understanding of the valuation. I use the material in all our meetings with investors. Without the IRP, we would not have been able to g...
Poyan Sandnell
Founder & CEO,
Catch Me
Before the Investment Readiness Process we had no experience in this arean and we thought that we would need other people to do this for us. But after the process we are more confident that we can do it ourselves.
Sofi Linnstam
Ineq Solutions AB
The difference before and after the Investment Readiness Process is like the difference between day and night. Without going through the process I think we still would be wondering what kind of investors we would like to even consider contacting and aslo what strategy would be best to please them.
Stefan Spulber
Co-founder and Senior researcher at Karolinska Institutet,
NorthernLights Diagnostics AB
All entrepreneurs are good at some things, but not everything. The key to success is finding good partnerships. Part of building a company, which all entrepreneurs must at least partially learn, is to understand how customers and investors think. If you want to attract investors, you must have a realistic plan and be able to both describe and follow it. Although I have been a lawyer and entreprene...
Anders Perméus
CEO & Founder,
Pactumize AB
In our opinion, the Investment Readiness Process is the best kickstart you can get on knowledge on the capital raising process before an investment round. You analyze and plan both the practical preparations and how the company can be ready to raise external capital in an efficient way.
Markus Drugge
CEO and co-founder,
Arboair AB
Rento Innovations were lucky to join the IRP process with the help of Turku Business Region organization. IRP is very well designed and steered process which gave us huge amount of learnings regarding the "world of investments". We thought that we already knew something about these topics, but soon we realized there was so much more to learn. It was great to create practical estimations during the...
Vesa Nohteri
The IRP with Beels has really got us on the right track, both in terms of the investors journey but also from a business perspective. We have learned a lot in a short period of time that will be very useful in our continued work with FairPlay. We think the IRP tool is an easy to use and innovative way to learn how to mitigate both small and big challenges that can arise on your business journey. N...
Gabriel Sauma
The Investment Readiness Process helped us in several ways in the start-up phase of our company building. The quantitative aspect helped us to understand our situation financially and how the different financing options and possible outcomes affect us as owners over a longer horizon. The more qualitative parts, together with Björn's in-depth knowledge, also helped us as a management team to better...
Gustav Bengtsson
Supernormal AB
Although we are well experienced business and tech executives, we chose to do an Investment Readiness Process in order to align our expectations and personal goals before meeting with potential investors. Flow Factory closed a successful seed round and we are now growing with small customers as well as big ones like Siemens.
Fredrik Lindqvist
With the Investment Readiness Process we became much more investable and it was one of the key pillars for us in getting the investment. We managed to raise the amount that we wanted and from the type of investors we were looking for. / Ramzi Jelazzi, CEO and Founder of Din Psykolog AB
Ramzi Jelazzi
CEO and Founder,
Din Psykolog AB
I found the IRP course as structured and valuable as the checklists I use in my other profession as an airline pilot. Great use and will most certainly guarantee a positive outcome!
Joakim Sjölin
SFO British Airways B787 pilot and co-founder of Phystec,
LEAD - one of Swedens most respected tech incubators, chose to partner with the by Beels® When I talk to the Business coaches, working as instructors in the Investment Readiness Process by Beels® they say that the biggest value that we really prepare the companies for the whole journey, from the first round to the exit.
Catharina Sandberg
LEAD - a partner to The Investment Readiness Process by Beels®
Great tool and exercises to summarize and visualize our path ahead. Can be used both internally and for potential investors.
Jan Bergland
If I hadn't taken the Investment Readiness Process I am not sure if I would have had the confidence in myself to talk to investors. After the Investment Readiness Process we now have a professional board in the company and a few angel investors who have invested in the company. / Pia Nilsson, the CEO and founder of Rolf AB
Pia Nilsson
CEO & Founder,
IRP was instrumental in shaping the future of SkillGround. Not only did it provide a clear roadmap for our work and investment rounds, but it also played a pivotal role in the formation of our business plan. The platform's user-friendly tutorials and processes ensured a seamless experience for us. Most notably, the Financial Design tool was a game-changer, offering invaluable insights into the pot...
Simon Hedberg
A valuable process providing critical insight and perspective into startup investment dynamics, while providing a valuable toolset helping founders engineer their financial runway.
Haitham El-Ella
Founder & CEO,
AdamanT Quanta AB
Enklakassan has levered up the investment offer thanks to the IRP tool.
Jörgen Nilsson
The investment readiness process helped us gain clarity on our financial plan plus work through and connect each detail of our vision, milestones, goals, and strategy. It also helped drive the whole fundraising process forward, giving us the best possible conditions to go out and raise capital. Would recommend it to anyone who's serious about securing capital!
Sebastian Hallqvist
Holo Health AB
In the current investment round for our company, the issue of valuation has been raised a number of times. Having completed an IRP, and with the support of the documentation it produced, it is much easier to explain, in a credible manner, how we have arrived at our valuation.
Jacob Kihlbaum
Binary Brains AB
IRP has given us the opportunity to take stock and reflect on how we actually want to build our company. It is well worth the hours it took to complete!
Niklas Ericson
This is an extremely useful and almost crucial tool for any startup planning to raise funding. It follows a very logical and structured process, with the result being a customised investment report that provides the key information and metrics that investors look for in early stage pitch decks.
Thomas Li
Co-founder and CTO,
Chassis Autonomy SBA AB
The IRP helped us create an investment plan and a roadmap for the next 12 months. It has given us the confidence to face investors.
Magnus Engström
CEO & Founder,
Envivo AB

Are you a founder who wants to raise external capital?

You may be right. Or not. The Investment Readiness Process by Beels®, “IRP”, helps you to decide whether or not external capital is the right way to go. If it is, IRP makes the capital acquisition process more efficient and effective by guiding you on creating a unique and competitive investment offer.

Investment Readiness Process essentials
Investment Readiness Process essentials
Our certified IRP partners

SSE Business Lab

Incubator offering IRP for founders
Value: € 4.900
100% sponsored for SSE companies


Incubator offering IRP for single company
Value: € 4.900
100% sponsored for incubated startups

Palmer Insights

IRP for Single company and IRP in Group
Value: € 4.900

Kista Science City

IRP for Scaleups
Value: € 4.900
100% sponsored for scaleups in our program

eHealth Arena

IRP for single company within the eHealth sector
Value: € 4.900

Turku Science Park

Incubator offering IRP for single company
Value: € 4.900
100% sponsored

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Flow Meditation for modern life
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